23 July 2009

Peach and Raspberry Galette

I love making pies, but I'm not very good at making them. In fact, unless someone helps me make the dough, it turns into a miserable mess. I've always loved making galette because it's easy, it's elegant.....and no one knows you can't bake to save your life.

With a million pounds of fresh fruit on hand, I decided the peaches and raspberries would be the first to spoil. The finished product turned out lovely; sweet but not too sweet, a bit tart but not too tart, and the dough didn't overpower the fresh, local fruits. If you aren't a baker, you might try this recipe, from Use Real Butter's archives. The only changes I made were to very light dot the fruit with butter (I think I only used about a tablespoon, shaved thinly) and then a very light sprinkle of organic raw sugar over both the fruit and the dough (I'm talking less than two teaspoons--just the right amount of sweetness for me). Seriously, try it: it's easy as pie.

Peach and Raspberry Galette Recipe from Use Real Butter


Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

I was just thinking about making a galette. Seriously! I was thinking peach and cherry though.

EMC said...

Deja food! Bad joke.

Peach and cherry sounds wonderful; I think I'm going to have to make some cherry tarts this week after I got a couple pounds of really fresh Rainier cherries at the Farmer's Market this morning!!