27 July 2009

Garden Update: Flowers and Ornamental Plants

The yucca is back (well, now there's three of them!)

A variety of zinnia, caladium and other various bulbs that started their own little jungle in the side garden

My newest hen has not only more than a few chicks, but a big, juicy bloom too!

New Zealand begonias and blue marina

Coleus and begonias
(excuse the mess--it was plant care day...)

My beautiful vine, trailing this year to another hanging pot in the garden

Voodoo stonecrop


Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

Most of this is a foreign language to me, but we're still trying to find a place to move to so one day I will be chatting with you all about the garden.

EMC said...

Luckily for you, it's an easy language to pick up, but it's also addictive. I never thought I'd be one of those people who talks to her tomatoes....

Anonymous said...

Just happened to find your blog on a food search,Oh! I LOVE it!
Esp.your recipes! And your kitties cute too :) I am following you from now on :)