16 October 2008

Silence and redemption

Writing the PhD exams was not fun, but it's an excuse for my online silence. Pizzas, mac and cheese, and deli sandwiches are pretty much the only thing I've been able to muster over the past three weeks. In fact, I really haven't cooked, baked or arranged anything on a plate for three weeks. The pizza above was makeshift, and was made a few days before I began this shit-tastic process. The sausage, basil, cheese and tomato sauce were almost too much to handle, and at this point, I'm surprised I managed.

I've also delved into Pullman "cuisine," which is hilarious given my options. I try not to be a snob, but our fanciest restaurant serves Costco pot stickers, so it's really more a matter of learning to be tolerant of things that make you go hmmm.

And then there's our sushi. We clearly don't have the Seattle advantage, but our sushi house in town, Toyko Seoul, gets some excellent fresh fish and artfully presents it when I'm dying for something not from Costco. I have to say I've been fed best by the folks at Toyko Seoul.

I would blog more, but I'm not feeling very well, and after this whole process, I feel as if I might do something unappetizing. One of these days I'll recover from all of this. Baby steps.