25 June 2009

We're back!!!

So I probably didn't mention on this blog that I'd be out of town. Yeah. Most likely a responsible thing to do, to update one's blog, eh? Well, here's the lowdown: Ian and I drove back home to Chicago, and we're resting up. Yes, drove. 3400 miles round trip total. Fifth time I've taken that trip now. Fifth.

I promise to update with all the lovely Chicago foods that don't taste like Pullman nothingness rather soon. For now, here's some Chicago food pictures to tickle your fancy. Sorry about the photo quality....I suck at taking pics when excited beyond belief.

A little Ian action shot. That's one happy consumer.


Harold's Chicken Shack. Screw you, KFC.

Chile relleno without cheddar cheese (yes, that's generally what I get in Pullman). I love you, Bucho's.

Chicago dog!!!!

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Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

OMG a chili relleno? I wish I got that while I was there. Can't wait to see what other yummies you got to eat!