07 June 2009

Pizza for the busy #2

Store-bought refrigerated pizza dough is not my favorite canvas for pizza, but in a pinch, it does the trick. The second night I craved pizza, I went to a more reasonable pizza-in-a-pinch source: leftover whole wheat pita bread. After making baked falafel the day before (and eating ALL of the leftovers around 1 AM that evening), I needed to use up the leftover flatbread. With a container full of leftover shredded chicken and some black beans that needed a use, I mixed in some frozen corn and slathered my favorite BBQ sauce on the pitas, and then topped with leftover shredded cheese.

Have you had Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce? I grew up eating that stuff, and I love the sweetness of the original (the Honey BBQ is overkill). The other plus? It's a Chicago BBQ sauce! Ahhhh, homesickness lasts a lifetime.

Not even ten minutes later, dinner was ready, and most of the week's leftovers had been recycled. I retired to the couch to read happy and full.

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