07 March 2009

Midterm Mea Culpa

So....I've not been in contact with people this week. I've kept up with my normal routine of warring with that pesky dissertation and grading stacks of papers that only seem to replenish once finished, but I've for sure neglected the things that serve as outlets for my frustration when I'm thoroughly buried. Including this blog.

Let me begin by showing you a photo from my office this past week. I went to the office with the painful premonition that snow was on its way. If I had cable, the Weather Channel probably would've confirmed this, but instead I went to school in heels. Luckily, the lovely people at Washington State University Fac Ops cleared the walkways. Bless them... After meeting with students and teaching all afternoon, the snow seemed to taper off for a bit.

And then, it only got worse. That hill doesn't look steep from my 4th floor window, but believe me, in windy conditions and heels, it definitely isn't fun.

Even worse. It started blowing ever so slightly sideways.

The only snacks I can muster in this kind of weather are the sandwich kind. So I reached for the cream cheese (I don't really use sandwich meats--too high in sodium for me), alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumbers, ground flax and sunflower seeds (pressed into the cream cheese), sliced tomato, and radish on whole wheat bread.

If y'all haven't discovered the wonders of goji berries yet, I promise to post on them later. Wonderful stuff, and the dried variety (the only variety offered in the US because goji berries spoil before they reach their import destination) are great mixed with cream cheese for sandwiches, or sprinkled in salads. I opted to sprinkle them over a sliced Granny Smith apple for a little sweet treat. Quick lunch for a quickly progressing snowstorm.

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