01 July 2008

Sweet Home Blogger Award

Thanks to Jessica at foodmayhem.com, I now have my very own Sweet Home Blogger Award! Woo hoo! While I'm flattered, I'm always envious of her site's beautiful pictures and her fantastic reviews. It's hard not to imagine a dish that she has described.

So on to the passing of the torch as they say.

Not Eating Out in New York: http://www.noteatingoutinny.com Another site I check religiously. The pictures are always enticing, the commentary often hilarious and humble, and the recipes....there are no words. Cathy's motto "Consuming Less, Eating More" is one I am personally in line with, and while I don't have the personal discipline to stay away from prepared food as long as she has, she is a kitchen inspiration. From what I have heard in the rumor world, Cathy's also writing a book about her experiences. She can bet I'll be waiting anxiously to scoop it up, and hopefully pick her mental cabinets for a few good recipes.

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