21 July 2008

The Great American Grill-Out, Day Two

Since Ian has to work overtime the rest of this week, we both decided a nice grilling session was in order. There's something about charcoal, lighter fluid and meat that just jumpstarts his enthusiasm.

We made some great veggie kebabs and corn on the cob I learned to make through the Mexican cooks at a few restaurants I worked at. Who would have thought that mayo, cilantro, lime juice and chili powder could dress up a corn cob?

We also bought some Moroccan-style lamb sausages from the Co-op, and we've been dying to try them since yesterday. I came up with eight different ways I wanted to use the lamb sausage but then decided that to truly taste a sausage, it must be on its own. Call me a purist, but I remember the horrified look my father gave my best friend Phil when he poured ketchup on some of the best damn Italian sausage from the most Italian neighborhood in Chicago. The sausage verdict? I didn't taste much spice and the lamb was a little too greasy--just two minutes on the grill and the juices poured out of those links like Niagara Falls. I let Ian eat the rest of my sausage and opted for a mostly meatless meal as the potatoes and corn were filling enough.


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I love Mexican corn-on-the-cob. They know their corn!

Dr. Food said...

Yeah! I find it horrific when people just boil corn cobs in water! Such a waste...