27 April 2008

Baby bok choy in Pullman?? Hallelujah!

I love baby bok choy. When I see a bunch of it I giggle and shrug my shoulders involuntarily, and I've noticed that most food bloggers share the opinion that it is the cutest of all vegetables (I also have a crush on the radish, and I feel sorry for the rugged, Father Time ginger root).

Pullman isn't known for its cuisine, and foods I used to use all the time in my cooking have become distant memories. So imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed my food crush beckoning to me from the produce section at Safeway. Ever since Safeway has been remodeled and restocked with more upscale products, it's been so much easier to find foods I desperately miss. Since Ian wouldn't be eating with me one night, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to cook up my long lost love.

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