11 March 2008

If you like/love cooking....

...you should subscribe to these magazines! Well, actually, I have to admit that Bon Appetit is only useful if you are pretty far advanced in your cooking capabilities. However, I have picked up a number of useful tips from the magazine in terms of finding new ways to cook old items.
Cooking Light is extremely useful in finding new life for old recipes that seem to have no chance of withstanding the current dietary guidelines. I even bought a subscription for my mother as a gift. Another reason to love the magazine: they devote each issue to a new ingredient that they update, provide recipes for and inspire you to try new foods. One issue focused on the avocado, the most delightful of all fruits. I used to bring an avocado to the teaching assistant meetings and eat it straight out of its skin, which grossed pretty much everyone in the room out. It was wonderful to find new uses beyond guacomole that wouldn't provoke this reaction. My favorite issue focus? CHOCOLATE!! Chocolate infused BBQ sauce, chocolate chipotle chili....I was in serious heaven. And dark chocolate has some major health benefits.

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