20 February 2008

Mole accomplished.

I have made mole sauce in the past, but never have I used an easy recipe. Usually mole requires at least three trips to the store, at least three different kinds of dried chili peppers, and Mexican chocolate that I know I can't find easily where I live now (I miss Abuelita....I know they have it at Safeway, but it is muy expensive). Cooking Light's December 2007 recipe solved my dilemma; only one kind of dried chili pepper, and most of the ingredients I already had on hand. Mole is always time consuming, so I would suggest making the sauce on a lazy Sunday and refrigerating until you have time to use it on a busy Wednesday. Add Mexican rice (I used jasmine rice because I'm trying to get through the colossal bag I bought from Costco that almost looks like a decoration in my house--see pic) and chicken breasts, and you have a fantastic meal. I have also left mole and a bit of broth in a crock pot with cut up chicken breasts before; that might be ideal for those who don't have much time and like to come home to the fantastic aromas of a ready cooked meal.

What ensues is a step-by-step tutorial in pictures of making mole (and then adding the chicken of course....)

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