22 February 2008

I take lunch pretty seriously. Since I have to work most of the day tomorrow, I decided to make myself something extra special. I love chicken and tuna salads, so I opted for chicken salad today. I don't make the same kind of sandwich salad most recipes call for--instead of celery I use green apples for a tart sweetness that pairs well with chicken and mayo. I also like to add red onion to counterbalance the softness of the mixture and tartness of the apple. Here's my recipe:

1 can chicken packed in water

2 tbl reduced fat mayo

1 tbl honey mustard

4 tbl chopped red onion

3 tbl diced, cubed green apple

Black pepper to taste

I always add this to a salad bed--for tomorrow I chose herb salad mix, alfalfa sprouts, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and dried cranberries. I got some fantastic looking strawberries and I'm bringing some of those raisins I used in the mole sauce during the week.

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