25 May 2009

Garden Update

While my mom was here, we spent a day planting in my garden. I know I got this from my mother, but I love digging around in the dirt. There's something satisfying about plunging your hands into a pile of dirt and not caring what your nails look like, not caring about the dirt all over your pants and face, and finally, the finished product. The lovely part about spring in my little valley is that everything grows in and over the entire house (that is, while it's still all effortlessly green). It looks like a secret garden, making it feel as if we have no neighbors.

I'll blog the names and specifics of the plants once they pan out, as one never knows what will make it through the dry weather. For now, enjoy the domesticated wild!


Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

How beautiful! Your place looks like a vacation home to a city dweller like me.

EMC said...

Thanks! I have to admit, I rarely ever want to leave the house in spring and summer. The trees absorb a lot of the town noise, so it really is like a vacation home to this former city dweller.