21 April 2009

Juicy Lucy BuffaloBurgers: You're Doing it Right

For the first outdoor grill session of the season, Ian and I decided to tackle the inside out cheeseburger we majorly screwed up last year. Our original run resulted in a stream of cheese oozing out of the meat into the coals. Cool sound effects and some excellent smoke, but perhaps not the most successful attempt.

This time around, I sought out the reinforcements by way of this Foodmayhem post and some very easy to mold ground buffalo. We didn't follow the patty recipe itself since Ian is a meat magician, but the tips and methods were greatly appreciated. After Ian worked his magic on the meat (he still is perfecting his ratio of worcestershire/garlic/onion, etc.) I carefully molded the meat patties together and then froze them for about ten minutes to ensure we didn't lost any of the cheesy goodness hidden inside.

We also made about a pound of asparagus since grilled asparagus is one of Ian's favorite vegetable side dishes (perhaps ever). This one is even easier than the burgers--just snap off the ends, spray with Pam (or olive oil), sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper (or finish with sea salt), and grill for 4-5 minutes until tender but still delightfully crisp.

Our only Juicy Lucy problem? In a moment of weakness, we piled more cheese on top of the patties. I refuse to regret this.

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