16 November 2008

The quest for the perfect yogurt

I hate yogurt. I hate the pseudo sophisticated blends I find at Safeway, I hate the "go-gurts" that have recently popped up in response to other consumers hating yogurt, I hate the tubs of bitter yogurt found in discount shopping markets.

I love Greek yogurt. I love the thick consistency, the rich flavor, the depth it adds to baked goods, and most of all, I miss having access to it. For a long time I didn't have ready access to it--graduate school isn't exactly conducive to luxury items. Once I found Fage at a reasonable rate (nonfat for me--my stomach can't take the full fate version) I also discovered the wealth of yogurt possibilities on the refrigerated shelves of the Moscow Co-Op.

I have decided I'm in love with the Rachel's line of yogurt. The co-op doesn't carry all of the awesome flavors they have to offer, but the best ones I've tried so far are the Plum Honey Lavender (not much honey, but the plum is pretty prominent and the lavender lives up to its designation as an "essence") and the Pomegranate Blueberry, which surprisingly and despite the two dominant flavors provides an excellent combination of pomegranate and blueberry. It isn't quite as thick as I like, but the lavender yogurt is like crack for me.

I also found amongst the refrigerated shelves of the co-op something I should not have found: coconut milk yogurt. The folks at Turtle Mountain decided that yogurt made with coconut milk would rope me into an obsession, and it worked. I am IN LOVE with the passionate mango yogurt, and floored that it's often on sale. Thick with a stir-able consistency, it's perhaps my favorite yogurt at this point.


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

OOh, I have to try these. I haven't seen them yet but I'll look.

JM said...

So I was just at the co-op and bought some of these up. We'll probably have to set up a buying schedule so we don't piss each other off by cleaning them out. :)

Dr. Food said...

Jessica--both are addictive. The Rachel's line is a little thinner than Greek yogurt, but the lavender flavor is absolutely awesome.

J to the M--I really love the co-op. And judging by the number of yogurt cartons in the fridge, I think they NEED our help in clearing out their stock. MMMMMM coconut!!

Becke said...

If you can find it in your area, give Liberte Mediterranee yogurt a try, especially the Wild Blackberry flavor. I got mine at Whole Foods here in Ohio. Absolutely delicious, worth every calorie. :)